Our Companies


    Filmcentric Circus is a production company engaged in creating quality Motion Picture and Television Projects for the worldwide audience. Founded in June 2013, Filmcentric Circus is a Film, Television and New Media Production Company that is recognized across North America and internationally as a major producer of well-crafted, high-quality film and television productions with strong international appeal.

    Filmcentric Circus produces a wide range of dramatic series, movies, mini-series and family programs for major networks and studios around the world. In 2013, Filmcentric Circus opened offices in the Midwest at the headquarters of Mediopolis International. As a result, our TV production company now has a large volume of projects in development and in production with free and cable television networks in the United States.

    Filmcentric Circus has become one of the most active Film and TV production companies in the world. We combine our vast knowledge of international laws and practices with our thorough understanding of tax credits, television funds and other forms of financial assistance. Our production company prides itself on its ability to bring creative, artistic, technical and financial resources together.