About Us

Our Mission...

Mediopolis is an Asset Management Company representing a global catalogue of premium finished and format programming for cinema, broadcast television, new media, publishing, gaming, music, and live events. We have an ever-growing library of formats including Mediopolis-created and third-party content. Our clients currently comprise major broadcasters, licensees, distributors, producers and content creators.

Mediopolis "Intelligent Distribution" selects a variety of subjects, themes and genres to cross-reference through our worldwide distribution network to match projects possessing any of those elements. With our ability to deliver to Network, DVD, Blu-Ray, CD, Redbox, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Lovefilm, DISH, Sky, Virgin, On Demand, Pay-Per-View, Online, Mobile and Print; This brings a more intelligent and efficient distribution experience for the Executive, and ultimately greater results when selling projects in our marketplace.

Mediopolis values creating original cutting edge programming for the ever-changing entertainment landscape. Our company is always looking for the next new idea that crosses all national boundaries and languages. Whether that idea comes from overseas and adapted for the American audience, from the American creative community, or created internally through our in-house producers, development and programming staffs, Mediopolis is a proven leader in international entertainment.

Be Part of Our Community...
Mediopolis is always looking for creative individuals to join our staff. Be sure to check regularly here, to see the latest listings for Full Time, Part-Time, Seasonal and Temporary Jobs.